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At the Cinema: film-makers are less interested in America than they used to be. But now, writes Tom Shone, a gem of a movie bucks the trend...

From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, September/October 2012

Who would like to see a really good film about America? One of the chief virtues of being carpet-bombed by American movies used to be seeing what the country had been up to lately—how the old girl was shaping up. She's been a little absent from view of late. Sure, we get to see a generic New York smashed to smithereens every summer, but the giant vistas that once haunted John Ford, or the jittery streets that kept Martin Scorsese up at night, seem to have faded from the big screen. Woody Allen sends postcards home from London, Madrid, Rome; even Scorsese went Parisian for "Hugo", while the hip young auteurs circle the globe, collecting hosannahs from the festival circuit. Wes Anderson’s latest picture, "Moonrise Kingdom", is his first set on American soil in a decade.

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